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About us

The SkiHireShop

Based in Chatel, representing 22 years experience offering qualified advice and equipment for hire to professional skiers and enthusiastic holiday makers alike. This collaboration combines the best of the convenience and speed of the web with the very real experience and benefits of the physical ski shop.

If you are short of time or transport, why not take our "Skis2You" option. We will deliver the equipment and fit/adjust it at your accommodation.

Having experienced several big changes over the past decades (Internet aggregators and e-commerce) we still have a service driven culture. Having that one to one relationship with our clients is paramount and this 2020/2021 Winter, everything is geared to providing the best service for our clients; building everything around this basic principle - that has been the driving force behind our success.

So now you can peruse this shop - and hopefully perusing turns to hiring. There will be more products coming this Winter and throughout 2021. It's worth pointing out within the fairly regimented set-up of a products based web-shop, when you arrive in Chatel, you will receive the very best experience; the only thing for you to do is have the best holiday ever because that is what it is all about.


Steve Green moved to the beautiful French village of Chatel in the Northern French alps, 32 years after first skiing there in 1980 with his school. He never forgot this beautiful valley. 

Having helped teach his 5 amazing children how to ski, he qualified as an instructor (ISIA for those who are interested..) and works for M3S in Morgins Switzerland (10 minutes drive from Chatel...on the Portes du Soleil and is fantastic when you would like a change of scenery and on those busy February days)

He also runs an airport transfer company offering private and shared minibus transfers from Geneva Airport to Chatel, La Chappelle and the Abondance valley.

"Chatel is a fantastic place to live, all the seasons but especially Winter. Being the first to meet you at the airport and the last to see you off reminds me how lucky I am to have so many great clients"

From Boarding Pass to Mountain Pass is part of an overall goal and that is to offer visitors to Chatel and this amazing valley, complimentary products and services to make researching and booking easy as well as helping to ensure you make the most of your holiday when you are in the valley.

Download our app from where you can book your transfers, reserve tables at your favourite restaurants, organise childcare, book PDS ski safaris as well as webcams and weather and snow reports.